2011 Flood Update Rockaway Beach, MO

     The rain has finally stopped today.  The forecast says we should not get rain again until Sunday.  The report is that the dam will keep pushing out water at 68,000 cubit ft per second until Sunday.  What this means for us is that the water should not raise any higher because they can maintain this flow rather than increase.  This is good news.  To give you an idea of how much we are flooded in Rockaway Beach, MO, the basketball court is under water.  The water is reaching 176 at the boat ramp, but not in 176.  Highway 176 is closed at the post office or Taneycomo campground because the water is flowing out of the campground and over the road.  At the present time, the Taneycomo market is open with water around the outside, but not in the store.  Many of the local business have received water in them due to water coming off the hill in substantial rates.  This flood is the worst flood in the history of Rockaway Beach.  Earlier today the Bass Pro dock floated by Rockaway as it had broke away from the Branson landing.  The dock “docked” itself near Y highway in Forsyth before the powersite dam.  The boys camp road neighborhood is stranded due to water over the road at the Rockaway Beach sewer plant.  Residents are able to get in and out by foot, but the road is not passable.  Keep checking back here for more news on Rockaway Beach, MO.

       The Eli Barsi event is on schedule tomorrow at Bridge of Faith Community church.  Bridge of Faith will also be holding services as normal tonight.  We hope to keep you updated as we move forward and will post more pics soon.

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