Good Turnout for City Council Meeting

I was recently asked how to get more people involved in city activities. I believe technology is a great way to get people involved. The purpose of this site is to inform citizens and help them stay up to date with what is happening in the city. The goal of this site is not and I repeat not to divide a community, compete with the city site, or anything else you might have heard. This site was started as a way to produce news out of Rockaway Beach and specifically positive news. This city has had a bad reputation for far to long, and after living here nine years, I wanted to change that. This is one of the ways I strive to see positive things come out of Rockaway is by producing positive news. I would also like to see a young student who enjoys journalism have the opportunity to begin a career by reporting on what is happening in Rockaway through this site. So I encourage you to share this with friends, consider advertising with us, and subscribe to the blog so you stay informed. Now, on to the news for the evening…

City council met with a full agenda and full house. It is so encouraging to see more people coming out to the meetings each month. I think government works best when citizens are involved. I have been attending meetings for quite some time and I remember nights when less than 10 citizens were present. Tonight was encouraging but there is still room for more. The night started with a request that has been going on for quite some time from a citizen, but it was so cool to see city leaders doing their best to help its citizens. Alderman Cross was on the agenda to request the city look in to adding a code enforcer to the payroll. The purpose of this would be to help enforce codes and get things cleaned up in the city. The mayor recommended to look at this in the upcoming year and budget. The community garden lease was added to the agenda. The Community Garden asked to move the lease for 2015 up to March 1st so that all the gardeners can begin planting without fear of losing their plots. The alderman acted quick on the issue and renewed the lease for another year. The community garden is really gaining energy and is led by a first class horticulture specialist, Hope Bright. She has so much knowledge in gardening and a lot can be learned from her and other gardeners at the community garden.

The board of alderman also looked at a bill to expand the number of carry out liquor licenses from two to three. The board discussed this a bit then the motion was made not to expand the number of licenses. The reason for alderman Cross’s motion was that she felt like two was adequate for the number of citizens we have. The trash service was then discussed. The board voted to send the city trash service out to bid and see what company could provide the best deal. The events committee gave an update on all the things they have been working on. Monday February 16th they have a meet and greet community potluck dinner. They also announced that they still need help with eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. Please contact them if you would like to donate. Dave also reminded us of the candidate forum on March 24th at 6:00 meet and greet with a forum to begin at 7:00. This is a great way to become an informed voter. I always enjoy these.

Planning and Zoning was next on the agenda. The new planning and zoning laws was then voted on. Two aldermen voted for the planning and zoning and two aldermen voted against it. The mayor was the tiebreaker and he voted to pass the new planning and zoning laws. During public response, some issues about the new planning and zoning laws were brought up and the board was happy to look in to these issues and amend them if need be.

Over all it was a good night and so thankful I get to be a part of this community. I look forward to the future.

Samples from Planning and Zoning Proposal

Several were curious about the proposed planning and zoning regulations so we thought we would post some samples for you.  Remember these are samples simply because people were asking.  Also, the board has changed some on the zoning map as well.  If you would like to make corrections, then feel free to leave a comment of those corrections below.  The purpose of this post is to inform the citizens.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Two Ordinances on the Agenda Monday Night


Two ordinances to be considered this Monday night at city council meeting.  The first is an ordinance that was delayed 6 months as a result of opposition.  This ordinance will expand the number of Alcohol licenses in the city.  This will allow Dollar General to sell alcohol in their store.  The second ordinance is for adopting new zoning regulations for the City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri.  These ordinances will have an impact on the future of our city so make sure you let your alderman know where you stand on these issues.

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