Grant Writing Workshop with Skaggs Foundation

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Grant Writing Workshop to Take Place in Rockaway Beach

March 17th, 2015 2 pm to 5 pm

Bridge of Faith Community Church will host a grant writing workshop in Rockaway Beach.  Heather Zoromski grants administrator will be conducting the workshop.  Heather is responsible for bringing many grant dollars to Taney County.  Skaggs foundation is passionate about seeing Stone and Taney counties receive more grant money.  Therefore, Skaggs foundation allows Heather to teach a wealth of information to other grant writers in the area.  This is a great free opportunity to learn what grants to look for and how to write grants.  This is a three hour seminar.  Admission is free, but ask that you RSVP by contacting Heather Here or call 417-335-7340.

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